May 2023 Highlights!

Though we were closed for a week (Savannah! Beautiful homes! Delicious food! Wonderful nature! Fab drinks! Great tours! Lovely coffee shops!) We still were able to make some fun things this month for some sensational customers.

*If you want to know what’s in the photo, click on a picture to see the caption.

Happy New Year!

Did you all make it through the holidays? I felt like I stood in my kitchen from Thanksgiving through Christmas. This was the first time a 6-hour car trip sounded like the best thing ever. (Note to self: invest in more squishy mats and/or shoes.) Lemon. Bliss. Cake....

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Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Ready or not, once Halloween speeds by, all signs point toward the holidays. Whether it's memes of Pilgrims and Santa duking it out over the early creep of Christmas, catalogs full of gift ideas filling your mailbox, or holiday music piped everywhere, that time of...

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That’s a Shame – It’s Underbaked

When I was a kid and first baking, I never cared that much whether something I made was perfect, just whether it tasted good. I’m sure there were many times when I made something inedible (I can certainly remember the homemade pretzels that were still raw and quickly sprouted mold). I baked because no one […]

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