What’s Happening?

It’s been a while since we last spoke! Thanks so much to those of you who continued to celebrate birthdays, give gifts and eat sweets during the lockdown and subsequent aftermath. You don’t know how much we appreciate your orders! Hopefully you all are taking the pandemic seriously and wearing your masks and washing your hands and hunkering down so we can get COVID all under control.

Strawberry Margarita Cake

We’ve still been baking. These days it’s much easier to find our flour of choice on the shelves and eggs are plentiful again. I no longer have a spill-over pantry on my dining room table. We’ve got the supplies to make everything, and we have become the masters of the porch drop-off/pick-up. Since everyone’s working extra hard these days, why not thank the team with a delivery of a mix of specialty cookies?

We haven’t done a macaron specialty box since Mother’s Day, and due to our sales falling off a bit this summer, I don’t imagine we will do one until the holidays at the end of the year. (Who knows, though – now I am starting to think about a Fall Flavors or Halloween box…) I have gotten to make so many cakes this summer, and have really been enjoying that immensely. Be sure to check out all of the things that have been coming out of our ovens on our Instagram page.

Here’s hoping that this finds you and your families well. Please love each other, think before you tweet, respect that your experience isn’t everyone’s experience, help when you can, listen when people speak their truth, and truly understand that, by definition, all lives don’t matter until ALL lives DO. #BlackLivesMatter #LoveIsLove #SupportSmallBusinesses #ButInTheEndTruthWillOut #WearAMask #ItsNotPoliticalItsCaring

Mixed Cookie Box

Word to Your Mother

In case you have lost all track of time, let us remind you that Mother's Day 2020 is less than a month away! Sunday, May 10th is the day here in the US that we are set to honor the women who raised us. Due to the current state of things, though, you might not get to...

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Mardi Gras Macarons

Mardi Gras Macarons

Wanting to create a Mardi Gras-influenced macaron, and not growing up in Mobile or New Orleans, we were on the hunt for the traditional flavor of a King Cake. According to my not-vast and skimmingly short research, as well as conversations with friends from New...

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Happy New Year!

Did you all make it through the holidays? I felt like I stood in my kitchen from Thanksgiving through Christmas. This was the first time a 6-hour car trip sounded like the best thing ever. (Note to self: invest in more squishy mats and/or shoes.) Lemon. Bliss. Cake....

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Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Ready or not, once Halloween speeds by, all signs point toward the holidays. Whether it's memes of Pilgrims and Santa duking it out over the early creep of Christmas, catalogs full of gift ideas filling your mailbox, or holiday music piped everywhere, that time of...

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That’s a Shame – It’s Underbaked

When I was a kid and first baking, I never cared that much whether something I made was perfect, just whether it tasted good. I’m sure there were many times when I made something inedible (I can certainly remember the homemade pretzels that were still raw and quickly sprouted mold). I baked because no one […]

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