Happy New Year!

Dec 30, 2019 | Musings

Did you all make it through the holidays? I felt like I stood in my kitchen from Thanksgiving through Christmas. This was the first time a 6-hour car trip sounded like the best thing ever. (Note to self: invest in more squishy mats and/or shoes.)

Lemon. Bliss. Cake.

The New Year is all about starting fresh, so this year I am going to practice a few new and/or neglected things (Bûche de Noël! More pies! Cream puffs! Mexican Wedding Cookies!), some of which will end up on our menu. I’m always here for the macarons, so look for that post where I discuss all of the flavor ideas that have been floating around in my head.

I would LOVE it if you would sign up for my newsletter! I’m planning on a once-per-month start, eventually adding specials and emailing you when I have items already baked and available. Yes, this will include macarons (virtually year-round) and Yule Logs when I practice this summer. You can sign up with the pop-up that appears on my website (after a few seconds) or by using the form on the right of the home page. As always, you can follow me on Facebook (MeasuredBakingDallas), Instagram (@measuredbaking) and Twitter (@measuredbaking).

While we def try to keep up with adding all of our new offerings to our website (but aren’t always so on top of it), remember that you can always ask if we can make certain things. If it’s something new, I am just about always up for a challenge. Thanks for being here!