Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Nov 7, 2019 | Bakes Ideas

Ready or not, once Halloween speeds by, all signs point toward the holidays. Whether it’s memes of Pilgrims and Santa duking it out over the early creep of Christmas, catalogs full of gift ideas filling your mailbox, or holiday music piped everywhere, that time of year is upon us. At Measured Baking Co., our question is: how can we help lessen your stress so you can (maybe) have just one less thing to worry about?

Blueberry Muffin Loaf

For the Partiers: So much fun to give and go to parties. Nothing gets you in the mood for a long winter’s night more than listening to music, dressing festively, eating and drinking! If you just want to enjoy the fun part, we can provide gifts for your hosts, make the cookies you are supposed to bring, or bake something for your own party!

For the Teacher’s Pets: Can we make teacher gifts? Does i go before e except after c (except in some exceptions)? [That’s a resounding “yes” in case it’s not clear.] We’re happy to get them all ready for you before school is over so your kid stands out for not giving another gift card or an apple-shaped anything.

For the Workaholics: Does your team need to know how much you appreciate their hard work this year? Do you want to thank your customers for their business in 2019? Is your admin awesome? (Uh, yeah!) We can bring treats for your staff, take gifts to your customers, and say “You’re The Best!” to Pat, Shawn, Robin or Jamie.

For Numero Uno: Everyone knows that the stress of the holidays can get you down, so be sure to remember to, as Tom and Donna say, Treat Yo’ Self. There’s nothing wrong with carving out a little Me Time and enjoy a silent night with something delicious. Come on, you know you deserve it.


  • Our soon-to-be-famous BakesBox. We can fill this joyful square with a variety (or not!) of wonderous delights that you can give as gifts. (More info to come!)
  • Not the variety type? How about a sleeve of Macarons? We can also package them as giveaways or prizes at your holiday work parties! Check out our ever-growing list of flavors that we have made.
  • Are you hosting a breakfast or brunch? Bundt cakes are a beautiful and tasty option and muffins and scones are super easy!
  • Kids seem to be around a lot during the holidays, so make sure to stock up on fresh cookies, brownies and bars to keep them smiling before they remember they’ll have to return to school in January.
  • How about some cupcakes for a fun New Year’s Eve offering?
  • Be neighborly! The couple next door will stop being upset about your barking dog if you give them a quick bread*! (*Neighbor good-feelings not guaranteed.)

Those are just a few examples about how we can help you this season! Be sure to reach out with any questions by clicking on the INQUIRY FORM button at the top right OR emailing us at OR texting us at 214.702.8738 OR messaging us from our business page on Facebook. We are always happy to entertain new bakes or flavors, so just let us know! Happy All of the Holidays!